About Dwidasa Samsara Indonesia (DSI)

Dwidasa Samsara Indonesia (DSI) was firstly established in 2010 by the founders, who each of them has a common end objective to innovate new creations by making the most of the ever-growing information technology through DSI’s distinct front-end based application concept. Managed by a team of professional experts with extensive experience and impressive track records, DSI believes that continuous improvements and innovations assure your business to run effectively and efficiently.

Then from that perspective, we named our company ‘Dwidasa Samsara Indonesia’, which means continuous efforts through improvement and innovation will help us evolving toward the forefront position in Indonesia. In responding to various clients’ specifi c requirements, DSI will work consistently in optimizing its existing reliable resources combined with well-trained team supports, to present particularly the dynamic fi nancial industry sector with its customized solutions.

Considering the complexity of the clients’ demand, however notwithstanding the size of the organization, DSI is always committed to work effectively for growing the business together with business partners, through its innovative and collaborative methodology while assuring a fast response time to customers. That way, the final output is delivered in a secured and timely manner, towards the attainment of the most effi cient outcome.

For DSI, both technical and non-technical supports are as important as the partnership we have built with your business. Among others, our partnership portfolio has been built with various business segments such as Internet Service Provider (ISP), Application Service Provider (ASP) and Payment Network corporations. Through such partnerships, we are evolving together to a new height of innovative explorations and effective improvements with purpose to having a sustainable business operation cycles.



To become the leading application service provider (ASP) focusing on front-end application delivered for Indonesia’s banking and fi nancial industry.


To grow the business together with clients by providing enhanced services and wide delivery channel to end-users.